It's been such a looooooong time to update my blog.........but here I am!
Emily took Synchro class this summer and she enjoyed it very much!! She had a City of Mesa championship this Tuesday and she did great job. Emily and her partner got 2nd place for their duet and then She also got 1st place for team synchro!!!
We're so proud of her!


Newest member in our family!

Blake is born 2/19/11. He was 7lb1oz(3220g), 20inch(50.8cm).
He is mostly happy, healthy and bring us smiles.
Its been little while to have a baby in our household. I kinda feel like starting over again cause Kota is 5y-old now and we didn't have to do diaper change, feeding, giving a bath, wake up every 2-3hours and so on stuff like that. But I have a Bryan and plus three other big helpers(Daniel, Emily and Kota)!! They love to take care of Blake, so that sometime they fight over about it though.

Anyway, we are so happy to have blake in our family!


Emily's Dance performance

Emily had her dance performance last Saturday and she did great job on her performance!
Right now her dream is to become dance teacher when she's grow up.


Kota's 5th birthday!

Kota turned 5 this Monday. He had a best birthday ever.
Our favorite Aunt Jennifer and Rachel came from Vegas and celebrate his b-day with us.
They prepared a huge Chocolate-Strawberry Ice cream cake for him. He doesn't want regular sponge cake anymore. It's not only Kota but Daniel and Emily also will ask me same thing for their b-day.

This was his strawberry-chocolate ice cream cake!! It sure was soooo good!!!!

Kota is such a funny boy. He loves dancing(hip hop), riding scooter, gardening(he's growing snow peas right now), play wii, swimming, collecting sticks and rocks, play rough house with dad and so on. He is such a blessings to our family and we love him so much.