Paradise in Japan

Finally I'm posting our summer vacation in Japan.
This vacation was for me I think because I was so longing to go see my family in Japan. It was 4years ago last time I visited my family in Japan.

It was rainy season and then muggy most of the time there but kids didn't care. They were having fun in the rain and we went to beach a lot. The green was beautiful and also the rivers.
Daniel and Emily were attending at Japanese regular elementary school there. Both of them liked P.E.,music,art and recess. They learned to speak Japanese from friedns in their class a lot.

Kota didn't go to school but he got to play with his cousin Aoi-chan. Aoi-chan is 2y-old. She is such a funny girl. She talks lots and lots, so I think kota learned a lot from her.

We stayed there for 2 month! I'm glad  Bryan let us do that.
I was so happy to see family and friends there. I love them all!