Kota and Penny

We go outside and play almost everyday.
Today, Kota was riding tricycle and somehow he found a penny.
The other day, we went to park and he found a penny on the sand.
Again, other day we were at park and he found a dime.
He finds coins almost every time we go outside and now he started saying this when we are outside..... "Mommy, where is my penny? I'm looking for my penny"

If he can't find penny then he starts drive me crazy like this

Kota "I can't find my penny,Mommy!!"
Mom "........."
Kota "Where is it Mommy !?"
Mom "It is very special so if you can find it then you are very lucky"
Kota "No! I want to find it now! Find it for me, Mommy"

We look for the"Penny" for a while then...

Kota "Did you find it?"
Mom "No" " I'm sorry we couldn't find it today but maybe next time if we are lucky then we'll find a penny. okay?"
Kota "No, no, no!"

He starts to cry and have the same conversation with me over and over until we leave that place.