Our kids had lots of fun for Easter.
Grandpa Simmons cameto visit us from Colorado and we had breakfast with him!
Kids were so happy to see him and he brought them tons of easter egg surprises.
We did egg hunting with our cute cousins who live just next door. Grandpa got to watch them egg hunting also. Kids were all happy with candies and chocolates and money which were in the eggs and spent time with everybody who was there.

I'm afraid that Easter=Candies in the kids mind.......so I asked them what is true Easter means.
Kota said eggs and candies.......oh well, but Emily and Daniel said Jesus' resurrection!(What a relief)

We had lunch with Grandma. She cooked ham, beans, and potato salad for us. She is such a good cook! (It was very good.) Kids are always happy to see her and her dog Piper.

We are thankful for our family and friends and especially our savior Jesus Christ. We can't be happier without him.

Happy Easter to all of you.