Daniel made a goal which was to read 300 books during this summer vacation.
We didn't force him to read 300 books.
I have never read 300 books in my whole life.
I thought it was a really big number for him to read, but he is the one that decided, so we let him do it.
We decided to give him a prize, if he read 300 books.
We told him that we will take him to "Chuck E Cheeses" if you complete your goal during this summer vacation.
He was so excited and he tried his best for a month and half to finish reading 300 books.
We are so proud of him to achieved his goal!!
We had lots of fun at Chuck E Cheeses last Saturday.




July 11-13, we went to camping at Lakeside AZ. It was our friend's property and they made a tire swing, long zip line, hammock, playhouse and huge Ramada. Our kids had lots of fun with their friends. Emily had a chance to ride and drive her size of quad. Daniel was able to ride his size of motorcycle with his friend. It was heaven for the kids because there were trees, sticks, rocks and dirt, and a campfire with smore's. They played with flashlights as long as they wanted and also they had a chance to watch a deer !!
We are glad that our kids love to go to camping.

July 14-17 we went to Los Angeles, California. This picture above is Cabrillo Beach. The water was still cold but it was pretty beautiful. It was nice to go to the beach. We went to the beach more often when we lived in Japan. I was so happy that our kids had some great experience with beach this time. Daniel was brave enough to swim in the ocean. Emily was kind a afraid to swim in the ocean but she went into the water with Daddy. Kota had fun with digging sand. He made holes and mountains, and he carried water from the ocean.
We enjoyed to visiting little Tokyo, China town and fashion district in LA.
My favorite part of this trip was the food and we enjoyed tons of Japanese food!!