We Love Grandma!!

We visted Grandma Simmons and Grandma Wicks.

Grandma Simmons has lots of Fun videos and especially Daniel was enjoyed watching Spiderman movie.

We picked some oranges from Grandma's Orange tree. Daniel, Emily, Kota was really happy to have her yummy oranges.

We went to Grandma Wicks's house after Grandma Simmons's visit.
Kid's had fun with Grandma wick's dog piper.


Fun at the Park

My son Daniel made a new best friend at church, and so today we went to the park together.

They were runing around, chasing each other.....holy cow! I can't believe that they have such a big energy in small body.

My daughter Emily was playing with Shawn's sister Michelle. My other son Kota liked to slide and swing with mommy.

Anyways we had lots of fun.

Daniel is my son and Shawn is his best friend. I think that they look like brothers.


Hello from Arizona

There are 6 people in my family. Bryan(my husband), me, Daniel(5y), Emily(3y), Kota(23month), Yoshi(my brother/17y).

Bryan and I got married in Tokyo Japan almost 6 years ago. Daniel and Emily were born in Japan. We've been here Mesa Arizona for 3 and half years.

My brother Yoshi is a exchange student in west wood high school. He loves to go to school and making new friends and study English.

I feel little nervous about my English, but I decided to do my blog in English and Japanese(which is my first language).
I'll try my best but If you see a mistake please forgive me.


I tried to wright in Japanese, but it doesn't work out both language this time........too bad.