Christmas 2007

December 24th, we went to Grandma Simmons house to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
(It is a tradition of the Simmons family to gather on 12/24)

Most of Bryan's relatives who live close to Grandma were there.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner.

After a dinner Uncle Dwayne read a christmas story for us
and then we had a White Elephant(Gift exchange!!).
It's a most exciting things for our kids.

Daniel got a sea monkey stuff.
Emily got a Tamagocchi.
Kota got a cool car.
Yoshi got a noisy horn.

It was very nice to celebrate Birth of Jesus Christ as a family.

December 25th, We had Christmas at our house with Bryan's Sister Jennifer and his Mom.

The Kids did'nt wake up until we woke them up.

They were so happy to see that Santa brought them presents under the Christmas Tree.
Bryan read a Christmas Story from the New Testament and then we did stockings.
Our kids were so excited to open the presents.

Especially Emily was so happy because she got very beautiful princess dress shoes from secret Santa. She was jumping and clapped her hands and had a biggest smile when she saw her new princess dress shoes.

Daniel loves his walkie talkie and his own digital camera!! Aunt Jennifer got it for all our kids and she taught and help them how to use it.

Daniel, Emily, Kota always love Jennifer.

Kota enjoyed eating candies and snacks from Christmas stocking.

They got nice books from Grandma Wicks. Kota especially loves Dog thePiper book which grandma made.

We had a wonderful Christmas and we are thankful for our savior Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas to all!!


Christmas Lights

We went to see a Christmas Lights at Mesa Temple. It was pretty crowded there but Daniel and Emily and Kota was so excited to see those beautiful lights.

We stayed there about Hour and half. Kota talked a lot......but we could understand what he trying to say was a little bit, but It's okay we know that he was very happy to see those lights and Christmas display.

I think this was Yoshi's first time to go see the Mesa Temple and Christmas Lights.

He was impresed.

Yoshi was holding Kota when Kota got tired of walking. Yoshi was being a nice uncle.

Daniel wanted to go see the big statue of Jesus, so we went to the visitor center.
Daniel said "Wow"
Emily said "look"
Kota was smiling big and point his finger to the statue and he said "It's Jesus"

Our childeren was soooo happy to see Jesus.

It was very nice visit to see Temple and Christmas Lights as a family.




ダニエルは神殿のすぐ横にあるビジターセンターに行って大きいイエス・キリストの像が見たい!と言うので行ってきました。 キリストの像の前で




Family Home Evening

We have Family Home Evening every Monday(sometimes we do that on Sunday).
My brother Yoshi is good at playing the guitar so that during the FHE he played some music for us and Daniel, Emily, Kota loved it.

This time Emily did lesson. She talked about what she learned in her nursery class. Yoshi and Kota choose opening and practice music. Daniel was in charge of the articles of faith. Mommy was in charge of refreshment and Daddy did activity.

It doesn't takes long time to do FHE but It is always fun to do.


Kota's Birthday Party

We had Kota's 2nd Birthday party on saturday December 8th
We invited our family and friends.
We played with lots of balloons and made a Mr. Potato head.

We didn't have much money so that I made a baby wipe box pinata. It was silly idea but It worked out.We had lots of fun!! and... Happy bithday Kota!!

Here is a video from Kota's B-day cake.
I'm sure that he was very happy about blew out his b-day candles.


By the way, my friend Julie figured out for me to wright this blog in Englsh and Japanese.
I'd like to say Thank you to Julie and I'm so glad for her help.


We Love Grandma!!

We visted Grandma Simmons and Grandma Wicks.

Grandma Simmons has lots of Fun videos and especially Daniel was enjoyed watching Spiderman movie.

We picked some oranges from Grandma's Orange tree. Daniel, Emily, Kota was really happy to have her yummy oranges.

We went to Grandma Wicks's house after Grandma Simmons's visit.
Kid's had fun with Grandma wick's dog piper.


Fun at the Park

My son Daniel made a new best friend at church, and so today we went to the park together.

They were runing around, chasing each other.....holy cow! I can't believe that they have such a big energy in small body.

My daughter Emily was playing with Shawn's sister Michelle. My other son Kota liked to slide and swing with mommy.

Anyways we had lots of fun.

Daniel is my son and Shawn is his best friend. I think that they look like brothers.


Hello from Arizona

There are 6 people in my family. Bryan(my husband), me, Daniel(5y), Emily(3y), Kota(23month), Yoshi(my brother/17y).

Bryan and I got married in Tokyo Japan almost 6 years ago. Daniel and Emily were born in Japan. We've been here Mesa Arizona for 3 and half years.

My brother Yoshi is a exchange student in west wood high school. He loves to go to school and making new friends and study English.

I feel little nervous about my English, but I decided to do my blog in English and Japanese(which is my first language).
I'll try my best but If you see a mistake please forgive me.


I tried to wright in Japanese, but it doesn't work out both language this time........too bad.