We celebrated our 8th anniversary on January 1st.
Our friend Meg babysat our kids overnight!!
Kids had a fun sleep over and Bryan and I were able to spend time together without the kiddos.

We ate at Cheese Cake Factory. It was my first time to eat there and it was pretty good.
We watched Avatar 3D.

It was nothing big but it was very nice because this anniversary date night reminds me of our dates we used to have before we got married. (brought us a sweet memories)

Honestly, I didn't realize how difficult an international marriage is until we moved to America. You can't imagine until you have experienced it....I guess.
Difficult part is......Different culture,language and food, drive a car opposite side from I used to drove, expensive travel to go see my family and can not see them so often......and on and on.
But there is great part also.
Great part is.........you can challenge yourself in new culture, food and language. You can say I don't understand or I can't speak, if you don't want to talk to people who are annoying or sales calls.(ha ha ha)(but sometimes I really don't understand though)
I found so many other things I like it in here also.

One most important thing I know is marriage made me grow up as a woman, wife, mom and daughter which means my wonderful Bryan helping me, lead me, guide me, love me,understand me and always there for me to be better.