Sewing Machine

This is my new and first sewing machine since I got married.
I did not have a good experience with sewing when I was in Junior High.
I sewed my first PJs at the class but it was too hard for me to sew curves and collar.
Anyway, I finished sewing my PJ but I never wore it because I didn't like it.
I thought I needed to improve my talent and skills so I decided to sew again.(especially since I'm a mom now...)
My mom sewed dresses and skirts for me and my sister.
I still remember my favorite shirt and skirt which my mom made for me. It was white cloth with black polka dot. I thought it was the cutiest outfit I've ever had!!
The memory from my mom gave me courage to sew my princess Emily's skirts.
I went to Walmart and grab some material to make her a skirt.
I sewed a pink skirt and a flower print skirt!!
It was so much fun to sew more than I thought.
Now, I wanna try some other things to sew sometime soon.




Coon Bluff

We went to play at Coon Bluff with our friends,this labor day.

Bryan and the kids played in the river. They found lots of shells and they learned to walk side ways in the river.

The kids got to drive a cute little Jeep and had fun with a zip line.

We were planning to do rappelling also but it rained a lot so we couldn't do it.(bummer)

Kota had so much fun that on the way home he fell asleep in the car and he drueled all over his shirt.