Daniel's Baptism

Daniel got baptized last Saturday. He was little nervous but very excited.
Since my parents and Bryan's Dad  live so faraway they were unable to participate his Baptism.
It was kinda sad but Grandma, Great Grandma, Uncle and his family, cousins, best friend and his primary teacher and other church member came for him.
We're so happy that he made a decision to be baptized and continue to walk the path to our father in heaven.
We love this young man so much.


Daniel 8th B-day

Daniel became 8y-old. We had birthday dinner with family and friends for him.
He wanted have a icecream cake but I didn't have enough time to try to make one so insted of that we just had regular icecream packs and lots of kind of toppings for it.
I think it was just fine as icecream cake. Cause we all could pick and create whatever we want. It was fun.

Unfortunately I couldn't take pics a lot cause our camera didn't work for us.

There is a lot to talk about Daniel but i just wanna say 3things.
1, He is bossy sometimes but also good brother as a oldest child in our family.(try to be good example)
2, His reading skills are great! He reads more than I did when i was his age.
3, He try new things. He have learned how to play piano, play baseball, play soccer, swimming and so on.
    I'm glad that he never hesitate to learn and try new things. He has a dream of becoming a inventor when he grow up.I'm looking forward to it.
We love Daniel so much! Happy b-day son!!