Emily's Dance performance

Emily had her dance performance last Saturday and she did great job on her performance!
Right now her dream is to become dance teacher when she's grow up.


Kota's 5th birthday!

Kota turned 5 this Monday. He had a best birthday ever.
Our favorite Aunt Jennifer and Rachel came from Vegas and celebrate his b-day with us.
They prepared a huge Chocolate-Strawberry Ice cream cake for him. He doesn't want regular sponge cake anymore. It's not only Kota but Daniel and Emily also will ask me same thing for their b-day.

This was his strawberry-chocolate ice cream cake!! It sure was soooo good!!!!

Kota is such a funny boy. He loves dancing(hip hop), riding scooter, gardening(he's growing snow peas right now), play wii, swimming, collecting sticks and rocks, play rough house with dad and so on. He is such a blessings to our family and we love him so much.



It is kinda late but we had fun Halloween this year.
Daniel was little sick that day but he was so excited to go to trick or treat, so we let him participate since he didn't have a fever. He is into Harry Potter and reading such a big book.(he already finished reading book2&3! amazing to me)  Well, Daniel was Dementor from Harry Potter. Emily was a Japanese Princess. Kota was in Pokemon Japanese summer festival traditional cloth.
They got to go with their friends and had lots of fun and candies!
 Here is some pictures to share with you.


Daniel's Baptism

Daniel got baptized last Saturday. He was little nervous but very excited.
Since my parents and Bryan's Dad  live so faraway they were unable to participate his Baptism.
It was kinda sad but Grandma, Great Grandma, Uncle and his family, cousins, best friend and his primary teacher and other church member came for him.
We're so happy that he made a decision to be baptized and continue to walk the path to our father in heaven.
We love this young man so much.


Daniel 8th B-day

Daniel became 8y-old. We had birthday dinner with family and friends for him.
He wanted have a icecream cake but I didn't have enough time to try to make one so insted of that we just had regular icecream packs and lots of kind of toppings for it.
I think it was just fine as icecream cake. Cause we all could pick and create whatever we want. It was fun.

Unfortunately I couldn't take pics a lot cause our camera didn't work for us.

There is a lot to talk about Daniel but i just wanna say 3things.
1, He is bossy sometimes but also good brother as a oldest child in our family.(try to be good example)
2, His reading skills are great! He reads more than I did when i was his age.
3, He try new things. He have learned how to play piano, play baseball, play soccer, swimming and so on.
    I'm glad that he never hesitate to learn and try new things. He has a dream of becoming a inventor when he grow up.I'm looking forward to it.
We love Daniel so much! Happy b-day son!!


Paradise in Japan

Finally I'm posting our summer vacation in Japan.
This vacation was for me I think because I was so longing to go see my family in Japan. It was 4years ago last time I visited my family in Japan.

It was rainy season and then muggy most of the time there but kids didn't care. They were having fun in the rain and we went to beach a lot. The green was beautiful and also the rivers.
Daniel and Emily were attending at Japanese regular elementary school there. Both of them liked P.E.,music,art and recess. They learned to speak Japanese from friedns in their class a lot.

Kota didn't go to school but he got to play with his cousin Aoi-chan. Aoi-chan is 2y-old. She is such a funny girl. She talks lots and lots, so I think kota learned a lot from her.

We stayed there for 2 month! I'm glad  Bryan let us do that.
I was so happy to see family and friends there. I love them all!



Our kids had lots of fun for Easter.
Grandpa Simmons cameto visit us from Colorado and we had breakfast with him!
Kids were so happy to see him and he brought them tons of easter egg surprises.
We did egg hunting with our cute cousins who live just next door. Grandpa got to watch them egg hunting also. Kids were all happy with candies and chocolates and money which were in the eggs and spent time with everybody who was there.

I'm afraid that Easter=Candies in the kids mind.......so I asked them what is true Easter means.
Kota said eggs and candies.......oh well, but Emily and Daniel said Jesus' resurrection!(What a relief)

We had lunch with Grandma. She cooked ham, beans, and potato salad for us. She is such a good cook! (It was very good.) Kids are always happy to see her and her dog Piper.

We are thankful for our family and friends and especially our savior Jesus Christ. We can't be happier without him.

Happy Easter to all of you.


Little League

Daniel started to play baseball. Daniel and his best friend are on the same team(Dodgers)!
They have games twice a week. Daniel is in the coach pitch so it is a good start for him.
At the game they don't score anything(there is no win or loose), just no matter what everybody hits and run the base.
Daniel likes his coach. He always says that "Coach Art is very good at teaching how to play baseball."
He might not be the best player on the team but I'm proud of him that he is trying his best and never gives up. (well...sometimes his mind goes somewhere else even during the game though.)
He is getting better everytime when he plays in the game.
Go Dodgers!


Emily's first loose tooth

It was a loose tooth for while but then it didn't come off at all so the adult tooth was coming in behind her baby tooth. We were thinking to take her to the dentist, but tonight, finally it came out!! Horay for Emily!
Bryan helped her tooth to come out. He tied dental floss around her loose tooth and then pulled and pulled, wiggled and wiggled. Emily was just fine with it because she was having a popsicle while daddy was helping her tooth to come out.
Emily was sooo happy to see her baby tooth. She ran to me and showed me with big smile and bloody mouth when her baby tooth came out. I was happy for her that she didn't even cry and being so happy.
We cannot forget about tooth fairy to come to under her pillow tonight.



We went rappelling yesterday.
It was little windy but also nice weather. Our kids were fearless to try rappelling. They didn't try from top of the cliff but they tried from about middle of the cliff. It was their first time but they did great job!
I tried it from top of the cliff. It was very high to me and kind of scared but since my 7 year-old and 6 year-old tried it so I just had to try it to know what it's like.
Bryan was next to me and explain how to go down. It scared me a lot when I stood very top of the edge of cliff. I was telling myself that "kids did it, so I can do this, I can do this too..." and then I did it!!! (Hooray for me !)
It was scared but also felt pretty good and fun but today my body is sore from rappelling though.

Here is some pictures and videos.

Daniel having fun with rope.
Emily tried rapelling.
Bryan had most fun at rappelling.

Kota had fun with zipline.
Daniel's rappelling video

Emily's rappelling video.


Lehi Days

It was like our stake cowboy/farmer event. They do this every year, but we haven't been there before so we went there to see how fun it is.

It was crowded, but the kids got to ride a pony. It was their first time to ride a pony and they had blast!

They wanted to ride it again but it was long line to ride a pony so I didn't let them. (sorry kids)

We had a chance to see and pet a kid, calf, and ducklings.

They were having a rodeo for the bigger kids and some other races also.

I think that we'll plan to go to Lehi Days next year with Daddy. (He couldn't go with us today)


Field Trip (遠足)

We went to the Phoenix Zoo for Emily's Kindergarten Field Trip this Thursday.
It was unfortunate that Daddy couldn't go with us but we had a great time at Zoo.
Emily was so happy that her brother Kota and friend M and second cousins K & L got to go together.
They spent half of the time to looked around animals and then they played at playground another half.
Emily and her friend M

second cousin "K"

Emily and cutie "L"



We celebrated our 8th anniversary on January 1st.
Our friend Meg babysat our kids overnight!!
Kids had a fun sleep over and Bryan and I were able to spend time together without the kiddos.

We ate at Cheese Cake Factory. It was my first time to eat there and it was pretty good.
We watched Avatar 3D.

It was nothing big but it was very nice because this anniversary date night reminds me of our dates we used to have before we got married. (brought us a sweet memories)

Honestly, I didn't realize how difficult an international marriage is until we moved to America. You can't imagine until you have experienced it....I guess.
Difficult part is......Different culture,language and food, drive a car opposite side from I used to drove, expensive travel to go see my family and can not see them so often......and on and on.
But there is great part also.
Great part is.........you can challenge yourself in new culture, food and language. You can say I don't understand or I can't speak, if you don't want to talk to people who are annoying or sales calls.(ha ha ha)(but sometimes I really don't understand though)
I found so many other things I like it in here also.

One most important thing I know is marriage made me grow up as a woman, wife, mom and daughter which means my wonderful Bryan helping me, lead me, guide me, love me,understand me and always there for me to be better.