Kota Bear

Halloween is coming up soon.
Kids are so excited to go to "Trick or Treating".
Since September they were telling me what they wanted to be for Halloween this year.

Daniel wanted to be a Robot in first place then he changed his mind to be a ghost until we went to search for costumes at DI. His final choice was a Vampire! He is going to be the Count Daniel.

Emily wanted to be a dolphin but she changed her mind to a witch.
She is going to be "KiKi" the cute girl witch from the movie "Kiki's Delivery service". If you know Studio Ghibli, it is one of their series.

Kota wanted to scare all his friends and especially his brother and sister so he kept telling me that he was going to be a skeleton.
But, he totally changed his mind at DI when he saw the Bear costume!
Kota loves his costume and he just wears it all the time, anywhere, everywhere since he got his costume.

He is such a cutie.
(Bryan's comment- It looks like the bear is eating Kota's head)










Bad day

I popped my car's tire the other day.
I was going to my mother in law's to drop the kids off at her house so that I could go get Bryan who was at the hospital.
I needed someone's help to put the spare tire on but I had no idea how to do it. So I called Bryan and as I was talking to him the missionaries came by and offered to help me change the tire. They really are God's servants.

On the day before Bryan's birthday he had an unsuspected surgery. He was lucky enough to spend the night in the hospital too. What an unlucky birthday...he was waited on hand and foot and had all his meals brought to him. Unfortunately he did not get to spend it with the kids because they were not allowed in the hospital because of the Swine flu scare. He is getting better and unless you want to lose your appetite don't ask what happened. Suffice it to say, he spent a week on Extra Strength Vicadin(yes there is such a thing) and layed down 24/7 for a week.


Daniel turned 7.
We usually celebrate his Birthday as a Family, but we decided to invite his friends.
Daniel was so lucky that lots of friends came over for his birthday!
The party went well and we could make good memories for Daniel's Birthday especially himself.