Japanese Festival Album

Matsuri in Phoenix

We went to a "Japanse Festival" last Saturday.
It was in Central Phoenix so we took the light rail to get there.
The kids had fun riding it.
There was a lot of Japanese stuff, some food, and we saw lots of "Cosplay"people(people were in japanese animation character costumes). It was fun to watch them.

This picture is "Omikoshi"(a portable miniature shrine) with us.
In Japan, usually men/boys are carry this on their shoulders and walk around the town on the festival days.

This picture is "ame-zaiku"(candy sculpting). This guy made this dragon candy.
It was amazing I don't know how he did it but he did great job.
This is Taiko(Japanese Drum) with "Tengu"(long-nosed goblin) which is japanese monster.
I love Taiko sound because it reminds me of my home town and japan.