Back to School

Daniel is in 1st grade. Emily is in Kindergarten this year.
I asked them how was their 1st day of school when they got home.
Daniel: "It was lots of fun, more than Kindergarten! I like it in 1st grade!!"
Emily: "It was fun, but it was too easy."

It's been almost 2weeks since school has started and both of them have made new friends in class.

The picture below is a group of kids at same bus stop to go to school.

From left Daniel, Jayne, Emily and Rachel.


Trip to Yuma/San Diego

We visited our friends in Yuma last weekend.

Their kids and our kids are same ages so we had loads of fun!

Emily enjoyed playing with Kylie. Emily was crying when we have to go home, because she still wanted to play with Kylie. (I guess she needs a sister like Kylie)

We drove down to San Diego to play at the beach.

It was bit a cold at the Cabrillo beach last time we went but this time in San Diego's beach was just right.

Daniel enjoyed riding a body board a lot and jumping over the waves. He had fun swimming in the ocean more than digging in the sand.

Kota had a great time with digging in the sand and carrying sea water. He liked San Diego beach because his most favorite TV show is "Go Diego go". The word "Diego" is very special for him I guess. His name is Kota of course but sometimes it does change into "Diego". If you say"Come here Diego " then he'll come to you. He is a funny boy.

It was great trip. Our kids want to go visit their friends in Yuma again.

Thank you for having us Daniel and Kimmy. You guys are great!

Daniel's Bodyboard riding. He did pretty good!

Bryan rode a bodyboard also.