Swimming Lesson

Daniel, Emily and Kota are taking swim lessons this summer and they love it!!
Kota is in Sea Sprite class, Emily and Daniel are in Sea Star class.
They are building more confidence in their swimming skills through these classes.
Kota and Daniel got their hair cut last night. They chose to get their head shaved because they think they will swim faster.





Emily's Hair cut

This picture from our camping trip in end of May but the topic is Emily's hair.
I want you to look Emily's hair.
Her hair was nice and long but since I got my hair cut about 2 or 3 month ago, Emily wanted to cut her hair also.
I thought I was going to take her to a barber or something but I changed my mind and I cut her hair.
The good thing is, she still doesn't care if mommy cuts her hair, and she was so happy to see her new hair style.
Oh, one more funny thing is she loves swimming and when she grows up she wants to be a mermaid. Now she thinks that she can swim faster than before because her hair is short!